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Ilyas and Duck 4 Book Combo (Search for Allah, The Fantastic Festival of Eid-al-Fitr, Ramadan Joy & A Zakat Tale)

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Get all three titles Ilyas and Duck Search for Allah & Ilyas and Duck, the Fantastic Festival of Eid-al-Fitr abd Ilyas and Duck - A Zakat Tale at a special price!

Usual Price SGD 29.00 each 


Ilyas and Duck - Search for Allah

An adorable storybook for kids about a boy's quest to find God. "Where is God?" is a question that any parent teaching their child the fundamental concept of all Abrahamic faiths will one day have to answer. This book helps parents answer that question from an Islamic perspective while conveying the profound mystery of it all in a fun way. It's an adorable combination of goofiness and interesting animals combined to deliver a clear and age-appropriate message about the ways in which Creation points to Allah. The book has a hardcover binding, dust jacket and makes a great bedtime story.

Ilyas and Duck and the Fantastic Festival of Eid-al-Fitr

Join Ilyas & Duck in this fantastically delightful story as they explore the fun and excitement of Eid and learn about the charitable nature of it all. Eid has never been so much fun.

Ilyas and Duck - A Zakat Tale

Take a trip with Ilyas & Duck to a land, Once Upon a Time, as the dynamic duo share an amazing tale of giving and receiving, community and compassion, understanding and friendship. Giving Zakat is good indeed!


Ilyas and Duck - Ramadan Joy

Fasting, Good Deeds, Empathy, Oh Boy! It's a story about discovery and of Ramadan joy! The month of Ramadan is here! It’s a special time of year. But, when on the morning of the first day of Ramadan Duck learns he cannot eat or drink until sunset, he gets a little concerned. Join Ilyas & Duck in this rhyming adventure as they learn about the joys of Ramadan and all the blessings they bring. There’s a surprise at every turn!


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